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  • Kristinwaddy reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Helped me sell a home
"Margot went above and beyond! We highly recommend her and would buy or sell a house with her again if given the chance. Her professionalism, experience, knowledge of selling homes in our market, and connection with our community was what impressed us the most about her. She was aggressive and motivated to sell our home at the best price. We LOVED working with Margot and feel confident you will, too!"
  • rclark592 reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Helped me sell a home
"My best real estate experience in my 69 years here on earth. She is so intelligent, hard working, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. There are to many adjectives to describe her to list them all. She is very outgoing with a wonderful personality. When you meet here you feel like you have known her all your life. She is also someone that you could trust your life with. I highly recommend her to everyone!"

  • Amythemmings reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Helped me sell a home
"Margot did an excellent job for us. She was able to sell our house within 4 months of being on the market. We live two hours away and she did an excellent job of communicating and keeping us informed on what was happening. She took care of all the details. Honest, hardworking, are dedicated are just a few things that describe Margot. She made sure that our needs were met on the sale of the house. Margot was a blessing to our family and we are grateful."

  • annakeskin6 reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Helped me sell a home
"Margot did a wonderful job selling our home. She was knowledgeable and experienced. She didn't sugar-coat anything and was outright honest and professional. We are so grateful for all she did for us. Selling a house in 2 days speaks for itself; she knows what she is doing!"

  • neuhauskarla reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Helped me sell a home
"Margot is an amazing person and realtor. She is very honest and knowledgeable. She knows the market well and will list your home to sell not string you along. She's in the business to succeed not as a side job like some realtors we've encountered. We did not end up selling our home due to my husbands change of jobs mid-house-listing process. Margot was very understanding."


  • Kristi Lynch Ingurgio reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Helped me buy a home
"Margot was great to work with. She responded to our questions and made sure that everything from the inspection to the final walk through was done right."

  • ibkent reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Client, Buyer
"We had an absolutely amazing experience with Margot. We were not necessarily in the market for a home but were riding around town and made several phone calls for information. Of the 4 we made in one day, Margot was the only one who returned the call - and she did so within minutes. She listened to what we wanted and only presented us with realistic options. We ultimately purchased the perfect home in a lovely area. I would highly recommend Margot. The whole process, btw, took maybe 3 months. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

  • lisasvoice reviewed Margot Lipinski
  • Client, Buyer
"We began our long distance house search in January, that is when I met Margot. From January '12 until the end of July when we closed on our house, Margot was ever present source of help and patience. I flew in every month for 6 months and looked at houses with Margot. We were in constant communication during the search. It took 3 contracts before one worked out, but Margot didn't waiver in her commitment to finding us the perfect place. She continues to be a source of information for us as we settle into our new city and home. She is smart, resourceful and committed. We could not recommend her more highly!"